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Eucalyptus honey




This kind of honey production has been disappearing in the last few yaers because of a parasite eating the plant, not allowing the reproduction of flowers. It is a very rare honey. Its period of harvest is between June and August. Its characteristics are very particular, not appreciated by everybody, but it has a large number of evaluators, thanks to the viewpoint (unfounded viewpoint) it has features useful to cure cooling deseases. Its particular aroma suggests tasting it with salty dishes, for example to make a mixed salad vinaigrette tastier or with sauces whose main ingredient is butter. Its taste is sweet and candy. Our Eucalyptus honey is produced in Tavoliere delle Puglie, not far from Ofanto lake.


Organoleptic characteristics:

Description : naturally crystallized in a rapid way forming a solid mass with thin and mean crystals.

Colour : middly- coloured

DISTINCTIVE SCENT : very characteristic; typical of animals, it can remind of dry mushrooms, essence of stock cube. It has a hot mark of milky candy.

Taste: normally sweet and hot, slightly bitter and salty.




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